Monday, March 29, 2010

Name that road

Ok Holmes County aficionados, here is one for you. This may be one of the least traveled roads I have ever been on. Any guesses where this is?
I took the tandem down here last Saturday, and of course got a flat at the bottom.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Subscribe now and save!

A major US based cycling magazine is changing it's format after decades of posting the same articles over and over again. This more aggressive style of writing will undoubtedly be a refreshing a breath of fresh air, however the cycling community will be missing out on some of the great articles of days gone by, such as:

Get race fit in only 3 hours a week!

Drop weight with the Mary-Kate and Ashley diet!

Ride your first century and finish strong!

Ten easy steps to convert your Masi into a recumbent fixie.

How to properly approach Lance for an autograph.

Hemp fiber, the new carbon?

Eat junk food and get fast!

Overhaul your Campy shifters with nothing more than a paper clip and stick of gum!

Photo courtesy Uno Tre Le Rockefella

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Hillbilly Chicken Jerky?

I don't even have a comment for this one.

Rody should have my frame done soon. The parts kit is patiently waiting. The wheels look sweet, and seem plenty light. Stans 355 rims, Revolution spokes, and Pacenti tires. I don't usually like this much meat up front but every review I have read about the Neo and Quasi Motos is positive. It should be a good Knob setup, but I am a little concerned they won't roll fast enough for my liking. Time will tell.
I don't really know how the 650B gear ratio will feel. I put a 11-28 cassette on for now. This should be similar to the 12-26 I used last year with the smaller wheels.
This is a recovery week for me so I plan to keep the hours down around 8 or so. And with more rain in the forecast that should be no problem.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Went for a ride with the Chief Friday. He's not super strong yet, but I didn't drop him on any climbs so that's a big improvement. Oddly enough I was pulling most of the downhills so he could rest for the climbs. I was rounding a 90 degree curve with sandy grit on it when he decided I was going too slow. My tires were sliding in cinders when he passed me on the outside of the turn. Crazy Indian.

Last week was another solid week of riding so I was more than happy not to ride this last weekend. I spent the entire time at the Zones swim meet in Bowling Green. 1400 kids running around hotel rooms like crazed idiots. Kinda reminds me of Juniors racing back in the day.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Monumental Beat Down

Is it possible to OD on too much spinach? I intend to find out.

Got a glimpse of the sun today, seems as if all the snow has melted as well. I have to ride early so it's pretty cold when I start, but then I'm roasting when I get home.
I do wonder how much more abuse this bike can take. For that matter I wonder how much longer my legs will hold out. I'm riding on auto pilot, the legs keep turning over but there is no snap in them at all. I plan on taking a real break soon so I can take full advantage of my efforts and absorb this block of training. I have been riding at the limit of what my body can take in right now.
I can fully appreciate why a pro can't have a real job on top of training. After hard rides my body just wants to shut down for a the rest of the day. Sometimes it seems that no amount of food or drink satisfies my cravings.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Let the good times roll

Finally got some above freezing temps so I've been making the most of them. Daily rides into Holmes, Tuscarawas, and Stark counties have made for some sweet riding. Today was a four county day on some roads I have never been on before.

I have been stopping in Winesburg everyday for the best deal in Holmes county. Only 99cents for an Amish made 1/4 lb. cookie and a coffee! The roads have been super-D- duper-awesome with nothing but the best surfaces money can't buy. Spring thaws do make the best road riding we will see all year, so get out there now before it all dries up.

Tuesday, March 02, 2010

The freaks come out at night!

You never know what you see on the streets of Orrville late at night. I didn't realize a town this size had so many drunks stumbling home from the bars.

Not much has changed in the riding arena. Good lubes are essential for those long days on the trainer. I need to get back outside but the kids have been sick a lot this year. I have been adding some tempo rides on top of the base. Intervals will come pretty soon as well. I don't want to bring it on too fast, the goal is to be slightly under fit at the first race. It's gonna be a long action packed season this year.

And now for a Chief update:That Navajo is pretty pissed and is feeding off of his anger. He's been logging some good hours and running too. I have no doubt that he is still the best bike handler in Ohio so he doesn't really need to be in prime shape to win. In the mean time I will keep taunting him so he stays motivated.

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