Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Grillo is done

Zabel told Bettini, "I've got one last
testosterone injection for you! This one
might hurt a bit."

Well now that Bettini is finally retired, he has decided to come forth with a statement to end all the rumors. No, he didn't confess to doping, but he did state that he will miss seeing Zabel in his lycra shorts.
The only thing he regrets about his long career is not having finished Paris Roubaix. "Yes, the showers at the velodrome, I would have liked to have been there," he commented.

Good ridance to yet another doper.

Monday, September 22, 2008

You know...Morons!

The shit I see while riding still amazes me. When we stopped to take a photo of this, the redneck owner came out with slurred speech and a beer in hand.(It was about 10:30am). He was all too proud of his lawn decor and I won't even repeat what he said. All I will say is that he lives on CR 70, just east of Creston should anyone feel so inclined as to pay him a visit.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

559, 650B, or 700

Yes, Wes, you hit it right on the head. I am a classic retro-crouch. I have spent my cycling years shunning new technologies and complaining about "planned obsolecence"(Yeah Shimano, that means you). Hell, I didn't even have a non-steel bike until 3 years ago, And I have only recently embraced the idea of suspension forks.
I was the little punk bike shop employee who used to complain to bike reps about their new fangled crap they would bring in every year and tell them it sucked. Of course when I told the Schwinn rep that U-brakes were a stupid idea back in 1988 I did have a point.
I actually don't hate 29rs. Heck, I have never even ridden one for more than a a mile or two. I can see they have a real purpose in todays market. Everyone has a good fit option now and I believe the 26 fits me great. They even have benefitted me becuase as more people buy 29, the more people dump their 26 stuff cheap. If the 650B ever really takes off I could see myself on that size someday. If mtbs started off as 650B like some wanted 25 years ago instead of 26 the whole market would have been better off. I don't think the cycling industry can support three wheel sizes for very long. It took those morons two decades just to settle on 1 1/8 headsets as standard.
As you know, I like to stir up shit from time to time and this just seemed like an easy way to do it. Besides, somebody has to stick up for the 26 inch crowd so it might as well be me. And yes, my 26 mtb still weighs more than your 29 Wes so please don't take offense to my tongue in cheek comments. It's all in good fun. As you may have noticed, I don't edit others comments on my blog so feel free to post as much hate mail as you like. I truly enjoy the dialogue.

Stayed tuned for next weeks commentary on single speeds and my 2009 Tour de France predictions.....Ha ha, smile, that's a joke.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Life behind bars

The all purpose Mongoose gets a new cockpit.

My new secret training grounds. That's right, miles and miles of trail all to myself. Sure it's straight, flat, and little boring, but it's only minutes from my house and the traffic is quite light.

P.S. Lance can lick my old dirty chamois after a five hour ride in the summer.

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