Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The great debate

No this is not a political debate. This is about something important. I was thinking about Mohican and the Knob and was trying to figure out which course was tougher on the body. Of course one is 24 miles and the other is just under 7, so I rode four laps at the knob today in dry conditions to make a comparison. It took 29 minutes more to complete what should be about 26 miles at the Knob with similar efforts. (You know, balls to the wall).
My verdict goes to the Knob. Mainly because it just doesn't flow along like Mohican does and the singletrack is tighter. Cast your ballots now.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Well I finally took a break from riding, six days to be exact. It was much needed and I feel alot better now. We went to Boston to visit family and see the big city. It's not exactly a bike friendly town but there is plenty of good food to be had. Yes, I am officially on the fat list now and I came back at 139. Last year at this time I was only 134. The funny thing is I am alot faster this year despite the extra weight. Go figure.
So, in an attempt to drop some pounds I hit the Knob the first day back and then road at Mohican the next three days. I switched the Norco over to a 1x9 and it felt great other than dropping the chain 6 times in one ride at Mohican. So much for that idea. I still managed to turn a 2:08 lap there which is about 12 minutes faster than last year. I guess I'll just stay fat.

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