Monday, May 25, 2009

Vultures Knob #2

Photo Credit:Rudy Sroka

The second Knob race went well. Another 2nd place is not bad but I still want a win. Travis Saeler raced in my class and just destroyed the field. Why that guy just doesn't race with the Pro's I will never know. I am tied for the series lead now with John Lorson as he was third this race. It should get interesting from here on. John and I are very similar in that we will both turn ourselves inside out to win.

My legs finally had the reserve to go the distance without cramping despite the warm weather. I rode right behind Pendleberry and some other single speed guy the first lap. They eventually attacked on a climb and I just let them go for a couple reasons.
1. They are not in my class.
2. They are stronger than me.
3. They both go too slow in the single track. They would drop me on the climbs and I would catch back up in the tight stuff. I am better off riding my own pace.
If that kid ever figures out how to handle that bike he's gonna be a rocket.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Sure signs of Springtime

Several signs of spring are in the air for me:

1. TOSRV is over.

2. The trails are dry.

3. Boonen gets busting for coke again. Yep, like clockwork is seems. The classics are over and Big Tommeke has got White Line Fever again.

"Tom, your'e scaring me with that crazed 'I gotta gotta have some coke now' look on your face."

Guess you'll be missing the Tour this year, but don't worry, the American Gladiators TV show has reserved a spot for you.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

Mid Life Crisis!

Well I figured it's about time for a mid life crisis. No I'm not fat or balding, and I don't dream about the 'good old days' playing some shitty high school sport. But I sure do miss my 1965 Ford with the 352 V-8. So when I spy this litte baby for sale in my neighborhood I just couldn't resist.
That's right, the 1977 Pontiac Parisienne Estate Wagon! With a big ass engine and crappy suspension to boot. I should be able to fit plenty of bikes in the back, along with a tandem or two....and my triplett, and maybe even the quad.

Pretty soon you'll be seeing some of this action...OHHH YEAH!

I think I see the Chief behind the wheel.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Waiting for the Dirty Sanchez

Well I'm eagerly awaiting to see who the other CERA positives are from the Olympics, Rebellin and Schumacher are among the first named. Could this be the year we finally get our dirty Sanchez? (Yes Belmont, I finally got to use it).

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