Wednesday, May 08, 2013

How deep does the rabbit hole go?

Perfect weather started off the NEO Power series. 70's and bone dry trail were on tap for both the short Track and the XC races. I always love the first race of the year because the turn out is good and I can fianlly see what my winter training did or didn't do for me. Also my Groovy had a funky-fresh new ceramic paint job from Rody that I had assembled just a few days prior to the race with a new fork and brakes. Even though I had only 2 hours of off road riding in for the year, the bike just felt like eating a warm bowl a macaroni and cheese. Perfect!

After working hard since December I was pretty excited to see what pace I could sustain this year. On Saturday the short track took off like a BMX race and I heard a rider hit the dirt behind me right away. (Later found out it was Ross Clark). I then quickly settled onto Tom Franek's wheel.(Yes, Franek, whose seed has spawned an Olympic athelte), maybe I should have had him father my children?
Franek is very fast, however he took the jump section at sensible speeds, which means way too slow. That didn't matter though, he dispatched me on the slight upgrade section with brute force about half way into the race.
 I held onto 3rd, with Suppan destroying everyone, I mean everyone including the young guys! I am going through the process to obtain a birth certificate for him. The best I can figure about Soup is that he was placed here in this country back in cold war days by the Soviets. I believe his secret mission was to assimilate into our cycling culture, first posing as a mild mannered athlete, then years later unleash his fury on the unsuspecting masters class. I plan to expose his true identity after I exchange his HEED with some good soviet  vodka next race.
Sunday was the XC race on the newly updated Knob course. The first mile has some new jumps that would excite even Napolian Dynamite. The race unfolded for me the same way. Soup dissappears, Franek strings me out for half a lap, then I get third again. The big change from last year is that I actually have some endurance. I held consistent lap times, with my 3rd actually faster than my second!?
 The real test of my fortitude was post-race. Zac found the coveted egg that entitled him to drink the DRINK. However he is too young for hard liquor so the challenge went to me as a stand in. $100.00 bucks if I could drink from the chalice that contained all sorts of vile liquids and secretions. Rody mixed in cheap whisky, Monster, stale beer from a red cup that sat around from Saturdays party(please don't let that be Feeman's piss cup), a peanut butter glob that Rody licked, really old maple syrup, marshmallow peep, and who knows what else, at this point I thought it was better not to look.
 It was vile, but for 100 bucks and my reputation on the line, there was only one thing to do. So after chugging it I thought I was done but then Rody realized he forgot the raw egg, which he then cracked open into my mouth. I gave Zac the Lions share of the 100 bucks so he can take my daughter out on a proper date sometime, and because he gave me his TEVA shoes that he won the day before that just happened to be my size.

Another great race from the 331 crew, its gonna be a great race season!

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