Monday, October 18, 2010

Perfect Season Finale

Perfect weather and trail conditions were in place for the last NEO/Groovy Series race at Vultures Knob. And since it was a Halloween themed event there was a small(ten feet)starting line bonus for showing up in costume. Since I had crashed earlier in the week I just added to that blood and tried to look like Pendlebury. They let the younger Pro/Experts go 30 seconds in front of us so I took off hard and tried to catch as many of them as I could. I actually rode with Ross Clark for a bit on the 2nd lap but could not hold that pace for too long. We passed a few guys with mechanicals, Walker and Proppe appeared to have flats.
I purposely skipped Mohican the week before and had rested so my legs felt great. I set a PR for 3 laps at 1:49:41, which is about 5 minutes faster than before. Overall I ended up winning the Groovy series and got 2nd in the NEO Power series. I do wonder how long that I, Cochran, and Lorson can stay on top in this class. We are all in our 40's and I think that Ross Clark may be 36 next year, so that will throw a wrench in everything. Looks like it's going to be a brutal winter of training for me yet again.
Apparently my bloody costume looked very real. Many spectators had a look of shock as they saw me ride by with my fresh looking wounds. I just smiled and chuckled at the comments.

Making the most of that ten feet.

Sporting a sweet Amish coat and shirt on the podium. Is this a costume or just part of my Swiss heritage?

I got cash for my win, but the wife really racked it up. She won her class and finally shed the 2nd place curse that we both shared the last few races. In addition to a sweet plaque, she got 4 cases of Marathon bars, a mini pump, a set of pink Groovy Luv handles that I am trying to steal from her. And as if that were not enough we also came home with 3 Ray's VIP passes!

331 Promotions has once again laid down the template for a well run race. These are bar-none the best venues around. They gave out so much schwag that it literally took Rody an hour just to hand it all out. Add to that a huge bonfire, food, libations, tunes, and you have more fun than would seem possible.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Some recent photos

Just some miscellaneous photos:

The Mr. Man award, Sheldon should remember this guy. Looks like he's on his last leg.

Speaking of last leg: Yes, I do crash on occasion.

Four plates at the Chinese buffet and I lived to tell about it.

The Groovy is ready for the Knob this weekend, but am I? I plan on getting the fork fixed after the season, but that duct tape does look sweet.

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Reagan Park Time Trial

The photo says it all. Stop #4 of the NEO Power Series brought me yet another 2nd place. An overall points win is now totally out of reach, with Cochran too far ahead for anyone to touch. There is still one race left at Vultures Knob, which is the finale for the NEO and the Groovy Series. It should be a fun race and I can't wait to see what they have planned for the post race festivities. Not to mention one lucky racer will win a Groovy frame. I'm pretty sure you have to be present to win so don't miss this one.

I have a comfortable lead in the Groovy series, as does Twining. And Pendlebury has a firm grip on the NEO overall. Not a bad season for the Groovy Cycles team.
A BIG thanks to Rody for all the support he has given us this season. He has spent countless, sleepless hours in his shop keeping our bikes rolling. Anything you need from a frame built up at 3:00am to stitches in Jeff's skin, Rody never says no to anyone. I'm kinda surprised his wife hasn't killed him yet actually.

I think it goes without saying that 331 Promotions has the best races around. I don't say that lightly either, since I started racing in 1984 I have seen plenty of promoters come and go. And it also seems that northeast Ohio has the best competition too. Everyone in my class has really stepped up the speed this year and there have been some really epic battles waged. If you only do the OMBC stuff you are really missing out on all the fun. The post race atmosphere reminds me of the way it was when mtb racing first started around here. 331 races exist for the riders to benefit, so come check it out.

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