Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Keeping the Red Man in his place

 The Thorn TT at Findlay state park, my first win of the year. I want to start by saying thanks to Suppan for not showing up, and to Franek for breaking his hand in a previous race. Without your cooperation I couldn't have done it!
 I hadn't ridden here all year due to the wet conditions, but relying on my past knowledge of the course to see me through. Basically you just have to remember that around every turn, there is another turn.
 It had rained a few days leading up to the race and the conditions were mixed. Lots of tacky/dry sections, but plenty of slick turns too. The best part of this type of riding is that you are going all out and hit those surprise greasy areas without any warning. Many a rider came out of the woods dripping with blood. I managed to stay upright but there were so many close calls. In the end all the fastest times were over 43 minutes so obviously not course record conditions by any means.
 I'm not a big mud fan, but I had good legs this day and actually beat Clark here. He looked like he bit it pretty good afterwards. But that's part of the race, not going too fast for the trail.  Cochran and The Chief took second and third with a pretty close race. And like usual the Chief was bleeding too. He better get that handling under control before the Iceman for sure.

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