Sunday, November 18, 2012

All good things must come to an end(Like lances career)

Ok now that the racing season is over its time to get comfy. It was a great season due to the drought, sorry for the farmers but your dilemma equals great trails. We were definitely due for a good season after last years record rainfall. I logged more miles off road this year than ever, of the 5000 I rode, nearly 1500 were in the dirt I bet!

I ended the season up with the October Knob race. It was payback time for the Chief this round. After the beating that he and Cochran put on me at West Branch they deserved it. I took off slow, last into the woods, and paced myself pretty well as I picked off them one at a time(except clark of course).The best part was yelling at Zac as I was about to trounce his 17 year butt into the ground. I've already told that boy that he wont beat me till I'm at least 57, that's my goal anyways.

As a complete shocker I ended up 2nd place in the series again. I'm actually losing track of how many 2nds I have to my credit now, but it's a good place to be I think. I dont put any pressure on my self anymore and just ride and race cause it's fun.

Many thanks to Rody, who has supported me through 3 seasons in a row! It has been awesome and I am truly grateful for all he has done. Also I am happy to announce that I will be racing for Groovy Cycles again in 2013!

The new 331 race schedule just came out and it looks awesome. I do also have a bit of a lofty goal for 2013. I told the Chief he will never win the Iceman again on his own so I'm slowly persuading him to do the tandem division with me. We both do really dumb things on our singles, so I figure we will be twice the tards on my tandem. Anyways, its a goal, which is necessary for me to get through the Ohio winters.

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