Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Season Phenale

If only I had the grace of Jackie maybe I would be faster.

The long season that started in April was over after last weekends Knob race. I knew 1st overall was already gone but 2nd place was still a three way battle. Apparently Franek told Cochran that he wasn't going to race in mud so it was just me and Jeff battling for 2nd. (It really wasn't very muddy at all). I also managed to heckle the Chief all week long till he finally came out to race just to shut me up I suppose.
The race started and I took off hard and entered the trail just ahead of Clark. I figured this was a good way to slow him down a bit, which it was, but only for about a mile. He quickly left us and I set my pace just ahead of Chief, Cochran, and Miranda.
Racing for 2nd all the time can seem a little frustrating but I ain't no spring chicken anymore as the saying goes. I could see Chief behind me in different sections of the race and really didn't want that Indian catching me. (Shouldn't he be working in one of Ohio's new casinos anyways on the weekends?) I held him off for 2nd, and also 2nd overall in the series, Cochran was third overall with Franek and Miranda rounding out the top five overall spots. All in all a very tough and fun year with some epic 2nd place battles between us 40 years olds.
And so now I'm taking a couple weeks off the bike for a factory re-set. I have some changes to make this winter, more core, more base, and some weight loss. I don't envision myself taking the Power Series title, but I still plan on showing up at every race and turning myself inside out. Isn't that why I do this in the first place anyways?

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Vultures Knob with The Chief

Riding with the Chief. Watch how much distance he gains on me going down the powerline. He turned a lap just a few seconds over 36, so he's riding decent now...if he could just keep that bike on the trail.

The last NEO race is at the Knob this weekend. The course was perfect this last weekend but there is some rain coming, which pretty much sums up 2011. Clark easily has the series locked up, but for me, Cochran, and Franek the war still wages on for 2nd place. My legs are finally coming into some good form so I hope to carry that into this weekend.

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