Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2011... A Fresh Start

Don't forget to come out and have some fun New Years day in Medina at noon. 49 degrees this year? Hopefully the Chief will be there too if he doesn't get too drunk again. You know them Indians can't control their liquor.

This is how I usually find him on January 1st.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Long time no update. Well I've been putting a lot of things off these days. The training however has not been one of them.
I have been using the trainer quite a bit. The thought of cleaning the bike after every ride has taken its toll. Indoor training is good for working on smooth spinning and one leg drills, and its time to rewatch the classics videos anyways. I am going to tweek my plan a bit this year as always. There were some elements that I was missing last year.
Speaking of videos, the wife got me a Contour helmet cam for Christmas! I can't wait to make a crash video collection. If you want a starring role let me know and we will ride the Knob together.

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