Tuesday, December 23, 2008

26.5...My own new size.

Well amist all the tire sizes available now I have decided to make my own new sizing. I got these 26x 2.3 Hutchinsons on blowout, they barely fit in the rear so I may have to trim them down a little.

These bring new meaning to the phrase 'big meat'. They actually measure 26.5" in diameter, almost a full inch larger than a regular 26. I should have no problem running low pressures now. Yeah, they're heavy too.

The Nokians finally came in and are getting a proper break in period. Hopefully the real crap weather will be here soon.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm Mr freeze miser, I'm Mr. ten below.

Well I finally broke down and ordered some studded tires. I have wanted a set for years but just now placed the order with Roger. They should be here in plenty of time for the Medina New Year's ride so I am stoked for an ice storm.

Well this is the 'after shot'. The camera didn't save the 'before shot' of the iced up rear derailluer. But as you can see, the urine did it's job and I was able to continue the ride without any more chain skipping from iced pulleys.

Ahh, sporting the OCC wool jersey before a nice winter's ride. Very festive. I really feel sorry for the poor saps that live in the south. They don't get to experience the extreme sensations that only a long frozen ride can bring.

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Not very sporting

Hunting. I don't think I will ever understand it. 4 wheelers and powerful weapons don't seem like much of a challenge to me. I have alot of friends that hunt, but no one has ever said anything to me about hunting that actually seems fun. The only real benefit I see from hunting is crash reduction. I better get moving before this guy comes out of the wood and tries to shoot me.

25F =Wool short sleeve base layer, 2 wool long sleeves, stylin' wool vest, wool socks, and wool shorts.

Ah yes, the LL Bean wool sweater finally gets some good use. Very Sporty I think.

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