Tuesday, July 20, 2010

NEO kick off

Sunny skies started off the NEO Power Series nicely. The first stop was the Findlay State Park TT on the 9 mile course. I had made a few trips there in the last two weeks to get used to the course. When it's dry you can really scare the crap out of yourself through all the twisty stuff.
Naturally, Ohio weather dumped a good bit of rain the night before so it was partly dry with some greasy puddles lingering. The real problem was that some corners were dry and others were a mess. So you never really knew how fast to take them until it was too late to change your mind.
A proper race pace in these conditions should leave you on your butt several times. Unfortunately I never went down, which means that I was pussy footing around and not really going the right pace.I kept swearing at myself the first half, trying to get some motivation to take the proper risks. Finally about half way through the course it got dry and my confidence rose, as did my pace. I started grazing trees with my shoulders and hips, which meant I was doing what needed to be done.
I pulled out a second place, about a half minute behind Jeff Cochran, he is obviously a great bike handler.
The wife raced too, for the first time since the mid nineties. This is a mixed blessing. It's good to have a spouse that approves of my racing, but it means twice the bike maintenance. I won't complain. This week starts my fourth week of riding off road only, which is nice.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Vultures Knob#4...and more!

If you missed stop number 4 in the Groovy Series you really missed a good time. The course was in great shape and the racing was fast. I got a good start and was leading my class the entire race. However a calf cramp with about 1 1/2 miles to go almost cost me the race. My leg was so locked up that I had to pedal about 200 yards with one leg. Lorson almost caught me and was only 15 seconds behind at the end. That was too close for comfort, but little did I know, the real discomfort was yet to come.
I chugged a quick Miller beer at the finish line then lined up for the annual single speed challenge. This year's event consisted of getting spun around for 30 seconds then a Le mans type start to the bikes. One lap around the kids course then chug a Monster Energy float(yes they had a soft serve ice cream machine at the Knob!).
Another lap then we had to eat the sombrero, which was a powered doughnut with a pickle inside. At this point I was neck and neck with Bob Rodgers and thought I might have a chance. However I dropped the pickle and lost some crucial time as Rodgers and Ross Clark left me in the dust. Third place ain't too bad, and I vow to be prepared for next year.

The real star of the show was of course, Feeman. In the next four photos we see him in his usual state....on the ground.

Getting ready to fall.

Here we go!

On his butt!(Click on the photo to enlarge, then right click the photo, select 'set as wallpaper, then you are set.

Back up then down again!

Serious competition.

Last year's winner Bob Rodgers giving me "The Look".

On a more somber note:A serious hooligan stole a Groovy bike at the after race festivities. I'm no Columbo, but I'm pretty sure this last photo has the suspect in it. Please check the 331 link for the description and keep an eye out for the bike. It's probably stripped down and parted out by now cause the frame is one of a kind.
Paste this link so you can see photos of the bike.

Photo credits:I'm not exactly sure, but I know Justyna was there with her camera so they might be her pics. Anyways, the photos of Feeman on the ground are priceless.

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