Monday, April 26, 2010

More envelope pushing...

Last week the Knob was bone dry so I got a chance to ride there three days. I am still testing the 650B waters while trying to get a feel for the bike's limits. Once again I was pushing a little too hard and went into the drink. I went over the bars onto a pile of rocks at the end of Mazeville. The bike slid off into the decaying ooze head first. Good times.

I stopped by Groovy Cycles and Rody set me up with some Luvs. Anyone who knows me realizes that I am a very hard sell when it comes to new bike technology. So I must admit that changing from my flat bars to Luv's had me a little scared.
However, once again Rody did not steer me wrong. On the first ride with these bars I felt very comfortable. These things have a more natural feel than anything I have ever tried. The only problem now is that I need several more sets to put on the other bikes.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Know your limits.

I rode the Knob again this morning and Lorson was already burning out laps when I got there. (Black ops training?) We did one lap together before he had to split for work. It's nice to have someone to ride with which rarely happens for me with my work schedule.

I did a couple more by myself and really wanted to see how hard I can push the Groovy. I was taught by the Chief that you don't know your limits until you crash. So I kept leaning that Neo-Moto tire over farther and farther until it finally gave out on an off camber turn. Limit found.

Lawn still needs mowed.....I wonder how long I can wait till the city sends a nasty gram to me?

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Feeling Groovy

She's a beaut Clark!

Took the Groovy to the Knob for the 3rd time. Today the legs started feeling better so I got on it a bit. I was feeling comfortable on the bike and was able to take 90 seconds off of my fastest lap time from Saturday's race. The bike was just begging for the big ring on everything but the 2 hard climbs. The larger wheels seem to like a larger gear it seems.

I took the small ring off the crank to make it a double and I think this will be a good set up with the 11-32 in the back. The Stan's wheels seem a little light for training, I might have to get a more burley set for general riding.

On the road racing front it appears that my prediction of Swiss dominance this year is coming to fruition. Not sure what Fabian has in his veins but it is certainly high octane.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Race Day

Perfect weather and perfect trails started off the racing season in great style. I am convinced that Rody is some sort of nocturnal creature that doesn't need sleep. He stayed up all night working on my frame. I got to the shop around 9 am and he was putting her in the drying box with some fresh primer. No time for paint but who needs that anyways.
My first off road ride of the year was also my first race of the year. And my first ride on the Groovy. I finished building it up 3 hours before the race and was anxious to hit the trail.
The 650B wheels were awesome. Rody had the frame geometry dialed in perfect. I did not lose any of the quick steering that a 26 provides. But I gained noticeable traction and faster rolling with the bigger wheels. I took the 1st lap a little slower as I got used to the bike. By lap two I was simply blown away by the experience. No bike has ever left me with such a great impression. I did find a few sharp turn tougher to negotiate. Not for the lack of handling, but because I was simply coming into the corners faster than before!
A steady pace and no mechanicals found me on the winners podium. Bad luck for John and Wes with flats that cost them lots of time to repair. I feel your pain guys.
Jeff Pendleberry and Steve Twinning took 1-2 in the younger Expert class, making Groovy Cycles the dominant race machines this day. Jeff has gears now, and it shows.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

F ing ham county Georgia

Just got back from vacation in Effingham County GA. Goods times and good riding on the tandem. Not exactly what I would call a week of tapering before my first race but the wife needed the miles so we rode everyday. Headed over to Groovy Cycles now to build up the bike for it's Knob debut...and my first off road ride for the year as well. This should be fun!

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