Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunny skies in November

Usually this time of year finds me doing nothing more than shooting zombies and eating copious amounts of food. However the last couple weeks of weather have been stellar. Two weekends ago I went to Reagan for a ride in the 65F sun and Dave walker and Tim Carson were in the parking lot too. It should be no surprise that Dave was wearing a full pair of jeans(winter clothing?). He had no trouble dispatching Carson on the twisty trails. Tim's bike handling skills while hungover were leaving him blazing new singletrack as he slid off several times.
I dug in deep while Dave picked up the pace. I consider myself a pretty good bike handler, but with every turn he would gain a few inches on me. Luckily a dog ran out in front of him and slowed him down enough for me to catch back on. It was a fun but painful day.

Then just this past weekend I finally went to Ray's for the first time with the wife.(Fun date)! It was sweet and I rode almost non stop for 3 hours. I was definitely out-gunned with my big wheels there but it was still a blast. I don't really fancy the Groovy as a jumping bike. However we fared pretty well considering I was twice as old as the median age rider there, and my wheels were probably twice as big too. Guess I'll have to get some skinny jeans and flat pedals to fit in there next time. Speaking of skinny jeans...they would make a great time trial kit for Walker.

Hard to believe, but it's time for me to start thinking about next year's race season. Hopefully this winter will be mild so the 4 hour rides in January aren't quite so brutal. I figure I need a little more speed next year so I will make a few changes to my bike setup and well as my waistline this winter. Easier said than done.

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