Thursday, April 11, 2013

Amish Roubaix Recap

The Amish Roubaix was a pretty well run event, and it had a great turnout for a first year race. I had borrowed a cross bike from Feeman to race on and had been toiling over tire selection all week. It was going to be dry and I had pondered just running some 28mm road tires vs. 30 mm cross tires. I couldn't make up my mind so I put the 30mm up front for steering and the 28mm on back. This combo seemed good for me although I think 28s front and rear would have been fine too.
The race took off fast with the usual freaks hitting the first climb hard and leaving the mortal humans in their wake. I settled in with a group of about 10 with I think 3 guys up the road. I got to catch up a bit with Gunnar Shogren since I haven't seen him in years.
That dreadlock haired hippie Prosser was trying to organize our group to chase down Pendlebury and Shawn Adams. I half heartedly pulled through a few times knowing damn well that we we not gonna catch those guys.
We got to the Beast Road TR 224, the first real rough section with a 24% or so gravel climb. I saw Howman punching it but I held back just a bit figuring that I would catch on the downhill. About half way into the race we hit the next gravel climb on TR 222. It had been freshly stoned two weeks prior to the race and it is very long. I lost a couple seconds on the lead guys in my group as I was really trying to ride my own pace and not blow on the climbs. We got to the top and started down a long descent as I gained back those seconds lost.
As I pedaled at the bottom I thought man this seems really easy, then I looked down and realized my chain was gone! Ever since the early 90's I have ALWAYS carried a chain tool with me. However in a foolish attempt to save weight for the race it got left out of the seatbag. With no tools, no phone service, and about 20 miles to go I figured all I cold do was wait for the SAG. Tom Franek tried to help me with a new quick link, but alas it was 10spd and I was running 9.
As rider after rider passed I asked about a dozen people for a chain tool and David Helmuth came to the rescue as he reached into his pocket and threw his multi-tool back to me. I got fixed and was at the base of the next climb with stiff legs at this point, good times, but it sure beat walking.
I settled into my own pace for the duration and worked with a couple guys that I caught. I ended up 25th I think and had a pretty good time doing a 'road race' again. Can't wait till next year!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Season preview

Its been a long hard winter, and as of April 3rd its still 35F outside. I've put in about 200 hours since December this winter, which is more than double what I did last season. So hopefully I will see some results this year. 2012 was pretty lackluster for me, which I have no one to blame but myself. 
My motivation is pretty good too and I even have a 'road race' planned for this upcoming weekend. This will be the first road race since 1995 I believe. Of course its mostly gravel and crap roads but nontheless its still a road race.
The Groovy had been stripped down for new paint and is the hands of Rody to do what he does best. It should be exciting to see since he has some cutting edge paint scheme in mind for it.

The NEO Powerseries will again be my main racing goal this year. And 331 is hosting a state championship as well so there is a lot to look forward to. I just need to be careful not to plan too many days at Raystown since that is a recipe for burnout.

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