Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Alum Creek P2 TT

Cheeseball still happy after breaking his wheel and clavicle!

Looks like I'm ready to hurl.

 Despite a virtual tropical storm dumping an inch of rain the day before, the P2 was pretty dry for this years TT. P2 is pretty short but has some super twisty singletrack. I had only ridden here once before so I wasn't all too familiar with the trail. This is the type of place that can really be an advantage to a local guy but since Kardas wasn't  racing I figured I had a chance.
 Lucky me I got to go off first in my class so I had Jeff Cochran and The Chief chasing me, yeah! You can only push so hard in this place without eating a tree. I could hear some bike noises behind me about a mile into it so I stepped it up a bit to stay out of site from Jeff. This was not good because I slammed a root at the top of a climb and hit the deck.
 I played it cool and got going again, which would have been fine had I not sent myself flying over the bars again about 1/2 mile from the finish. I knew that there was no way to recover the time from this one but still sprinted toward the line. Jeff came across the line less than 30 seconds after me which meant he got me. We sat and awaited the arrival of the Chief, but he never showed. About ten minutes later we found him with a destroyed front wheel and a broken clavicle, which for the Chief is nothing new.
 The real amusing part was that Chief had checked his garmin time when he crashed. He was almost at the finish and would have likley won the race had he not bit it. But at the end of the day its the guy with the best combo of skills and speed that wins, and Jeff had the total package.
 The real misfortune about this whole event is that the Iceman tandem quest will have to wait for another year since I no longer have a captain.

Oh I almost forgot, Zac bested my time by 2 seconds, thereby giving him a reason to go on in life. It's good to let the grasshopper feel like he is making progress on the wise master.

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